For those of you wanting to learn Cantonese or who are already learning:

Dragon Ball Z in CANTONESE!

Hello Friend

It has subtitles in Traditional Chinese, but they aren’t Cantonese. And even if they were in Cantonese (or English for that matter) I would recommend NOT looking at them. I’ve had Chinese people ask me why they watch tons of English movies and shows and still can’t speak English (or understand it), and people that watch hours of anime in the original Japanese but still can’t speak or understand any Japanese. I ask them if they used subtitles and the answer is always yes.

Don’t use subtitles even if it’s in the language you want to learn. Simple as that. Yes, you won’t understand everything. But that’s ok. You don’t even have to focus on it. You can run it in the background. This post from AJATT can explain it.