I started timelapse photography (videography?) just before the summer, and now I have finished my first video. I’ve posted it on Youtube and I recommend watching it in 1080p.

Some shots aren’t perfect; the Garden Hotel sunset is out of focus, and the last metro shot is very noisy, but I think I need to move on to other films.

I shot various locations around Canton showing what life can be like in a major city in China. In this case, Canton. Originally, I was going to contrast the enormous amount of people in China with the lack of people (and their influence) in nature, but it didn’t quite turn out that way.

up down 9 road

The first shot is the Hong Kong International Airport, and then the following Canton (Guangzhou) shots:

  • Beside Pearl River Near near Bou Gong Blvd. [珠江旁邊好近寶崗大道]
  • Pearl River Ferries & Boats Liberation Bridge [解放大橋]
  • Metro Line 4 Jiu Mun Station [地鐵四號線蕉門站]
  • Metro Line 4/ Countryside/Station [地鐵四號線]
  • Tin Ho Dong Road/Tin Ho Road [天河東路/天河路]
  • Pearl River New Town [珠江新城]
  • Metro Line 1 Gung Yun Chin Station [地鐵一號線公園前站]
  • Up Down Nine Road [上下九店]
  • Jung San Baat Road/Lai Waan Lake Park [中山八路/荔灣湖公園]
  • Garden Hotel [花園酒店]
  • Metro Line 3 [地鐵三號線]
Jung San 8 Road