I was making a timelapse last night at Fa Seng Wui [花城匯] in Jyu Gong New Town [珠江新城], and the father below thought he would get his son in the timelapse. I suppose he wanted his son to be the star of the show because he walked him right up to the lens and didn’t move until I shouted at him to get out. A little annoying, but at least he did it with a smile!


He wasn’t the only one curious about the camera. Because I wasn’t standing next to it, several people (the ones who noticed it anyway) walked right up to it and took a very close look. They had no idea what it was doing or why it was there. One man looked really annoyed at the fact that he had his picture taken. His wife or girlfriend, kept trying to pull him away and eventually succeeded. People don’t seem to realize that in a timelapse, no one sees your face unless you stand very still in front of the camera for a few minutes. I should probably make it clear by putting up a sign (in real chinese of course).